Monday, July 18, 2011

Cooking with Momma

So, I have two days before I start the school year.   This time of year brings sadness and excitement.  I will soon be relishing the crazy and lazy days of summer as the new school year starts.  No longer can I stay up until midnight watching a cooking show or "The Golden Girls."  I will have to hit the sack by ten and get up at five - least Monday through Friday.  I am always excited to start a new year.  I love the beginning of school when children are refreshed and ready to be back.  And quite honestly, I love the routine....creature of habit I guess.

Usually with two days of vacation left, I am already working in my room.  I am a neat freak and truly believe "a place for everything and everything in its place."  However, this year is different.  I planted several tomato plants and they have decided that now is their time to put on their big show.  I have already made Tomato Pie, Texas Hot, fresh salsa and still have three windows full of tomatoes.  I could not let these beautiful fruits spoil...that would be sacrilege to most southerners including my Momma.

To make sure and save my bounty, I started looking for recipes and decided to try Tomato Marmalade (recipe and pictures later).  Of course, to "do a little cannin" you must be prepared.  I would need several items to complete the project.  I immediately thought of Momma.  My summers as a child hold sweet memories for me.  I remember the summers in our kitchen.  It of course meant fresh vegetables that included beans, corn, tomatoes, squash, okra and cucumbers.  We always had a garden and always had a lot of extra to can or freeze.  Freezing was my Mommas preferred method.  It was much easier, but if the recipe called for it, she would pull out the "big gun."  The "big gun" was her huge canning pressure cooker.  Whenever Momma decided to make her "Ripe Tomato Pickle" the cooker was always on the stove.  I distinctly remember the process of placing the jars and lids in boiling to water to maker sure they were sterile.  Next, when the recipe was ready, the jars were filled and the lids tightly turned.  They were then placed in the pressure cooker and boiled to seal tightly.  The finished product was placed on shelves in our laundry room and was treasured throughout the year. 

Even as a child, helping with this process was always something that I loved.  Standing beside Momma in the kitchen was how I learned to cook.  Whether it was canning, baking cakes and candies at Christmas or making biscuits, I loved cooking with Momma.  My children have grown up in the kitchen with both Sandra and I and with "Grandma."  They still make her Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls.  It makes me so happy that my children enjoy working in the kitchen and enjoy the bounty of the garden.  Hopefully they will want to pull out "the big gun" and try some "cannin" when they have their own homes....Momma would be happy!

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  1. It's so nice that you can share cooking with your kids! It was my grandmother who really taught me how to cook, and I cherished every minute I stood by her in the kitchen.