Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Homage to Miracle Whip

Saturdays are always full around our house.  It usually means getting up early, weighing in at Weight Watchers, groceries, cooking, cleaning, catching all know the drill.

Today was not much different.  I have been making every dish I can think of with the bounty of tomatoes that I have had this summer.  Just in the last week, the tomato production has slowed and for the first time in a month, I had to buy tomatoes.  I have several smaller tomatoes that will be ready in a few weeks, but the big initial harvest has passed.

After buying tomatoes at the local fruit market, it was off to go "Krogering."  Oddly enough, this is a Saturday ritual that Sandra and I enjoy.  We actually love it.  Being a food junkie like myself, it is kind of dangerous.  However, I have been a Weight Watcher for 6 months and as of today, I have lost 56 pounds.  It was a necessity due to a health emergency or health crisis I should say.  Diet and exercise has made Mr. Gregory a new person and for that I am truly thankful.

Today as we were walking through the grocery store trying to think of meals for the upcoming week, we decided on Tuna Salad for one of our meals and to take to work for our lunches.  I always try to make something on the weekend that will work for lunches and for  a couple of meals.  With tomatoes, other veggies, tuna and fresh mozzarella for homemade pizza in hand, we headed home.

Tuna salad has been a staple in my recipe repertoire since I was a teenager.  I can remember my Mother making tuna salad all the time.  She would take a couple of cans of tuna, pickle relish, boiled eggs and Miracle Whip and a meal would be made.  Yes Jane was a Miracle Whip kind of gal.  It was a  staple around our house.  Probably just as much as the five pound box of  Velveeta.  Her sandwiches, potato salad and even her fruit salad could not be made without Miracle Whip.  I will even admit to my Nannie's favorite sandwich of white bread, a pineapple slice and Miracle Whip.  What a treat on a summer day.  Now since I have married, I have not seen much Miracle Whip in my house.  Sandra is a mustard kind of gal.  We usually keep light mayo for recipes but for sandwiches, hot dogs or burgers, we  choose mustard. 

My recipe for tuna salad is somewhat different from my mothers.  I like the "everything but the kitchen sink" variety.  I usually add several cans of tuna, eggs, shredded carrot, celery, boiled eggs, capers, pickle relish, grape tomatoes and sometimes cucumber.  My dressing usally consist of mayo (the light version with olive oil for my Weight Watcher buds), Grey Poupon and lemon juice.  I put the recipe into my Weight Watchers recipe calculator and you can have one cup of my tuna salad for 5 points.  That's pretty good for a light meal. 

Before I started writing this blog, I decided to look up some informaiton about Miracle Whip.  Come to find out  it happens to have 64% less fat than mayo.  Who would have "thunk" it?  I guess Miss Jane knew what she was doing.  You have to find somewhere to cut calories when you use a five pound block of Velvetta.....her way to cut was Miracle Whip.   I just might have to stop and get a jar next week.  Don't tell anyone if you see me with some white bread and a can of sliced pineapple.  Weight Watchers doesn't have to know!

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  1. I'm another kitchen-sink tuna-salad gal. I've found with the boiled egg and relish that I need little mayo, if that helps any. The mayo (or Miracle Whip) just holds it together, and the egg is a great substitute grated fine. Then again, you've probably noticed that I am not counting points on Weight Watchers, even if I might need to!