Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gazpacho....It Doesn't Get Much Better!!!

Well today was a great day.  A planned trip to visit our dear friend Diane Bearden turned into a wonderful worship experience at West End United Methodist Church in Nashville and a stop at the Nashville Farmer's Market.  The worship service was filled with beautiful music and an incredible sermon.  The market was full of every variety of fresh fruit and vegetable imaginable.  I was drooling and coveting all over the place  (good thing I went to church).  I wanted so many things but settled for home grown tomatoes and green peppers.  As I bought the veggies, I already knew what they would favorite summer treat. 

We tramped through the rain to the garden shop (it does have a name but it escapes me right now).  Once again, my drooling and coveting took over (still glad I went to church).  Plants and planters of all kinds that needed to come with me but I decided to just walk away.  This is very hard if you have a plant addiction.  I am trying to cut back.....

After the market, we visited with Diane and her new beau (what a great guy) for a couple of hours...all I can say is "Viva Las Vegas."  You will have to ask Diane for the details...

After returning home, I changed clothes and put on my cooking clothes.  I quickly grabbed my food processor, cutting board and my favorite knife and began  throwing things together like a mad scientist.  After a quick trip to the herb bed for some parsley, I chopped up my tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, celery and red onion.  I seasoned the gazpacho with sea salt, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce (glad I only had to spell that word and not say it), fresh lemon juice and first batch of the season was done.  Quickly, I put the precious cargo into the "fridge" for cold, cold temperatures makes for a much better product. 

After a small sample (to make sure it tasted just right), I now have a one gallon picture full of summer's bounty. 

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