Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh the Stories They Tell today we are in the Great Smokey Mountains walking and riding through the Roaring Fork Trail area and we came upon a clearing with some buildings.  We had planned to hike to Grotto Falls but the moth ball size hail, rain and high winds kind of stopped us.  So anyway....we turned the curve and in a beautiful clearing was three weathered old buildings.  I stopped the car and we immediately jumped out and walked to the buildings.   To get to the clearing, we had to cross a bridge over a beautiful flowing creek with mountain rhododendrons everywhere (more on that later).  We entered the clearing to find three abandoned old buildings.  I saw this door and had to take a picture.  I stopped and wondered what kind of stories this door could tell.  I am sure there were joyous times and hardships endured.  Oh the mountains.....thank you God for your majesty and beauty and for helping me to see the glory of your hands.  I am blessed.

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