Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project Complete

I am not a great handyman around the house.  I attempt many projects and after much frustration and several trips to the local home improvement store, I usually finish the project.  Over the years I have learned that the old adage "measure twice and cut once" is a rule that I have to follow.  This has saved me many times and with the tools that I have aquired over the year, I have just enough to be dangerous. 

So, today I decided to replace the light beside our backdoor.  The old fixture was dirty, scratched and had become the home of several dead bugs.  Before this morning, I had never replaced an outside fixture.  But it didn't seem to dangerous, so I decided to give it a try. 

My favorite new tool is watching installation projects on YouTube.  The step by step directions was perfect.  I first found the correct breaker to turn off at the Breaker Box (this step is a MUST).  I removed the old fixture and installed the new one within thirty minutes.  As you can see, the fixture looks great and works perfectly!  On to another project....after the rain is gone!

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