Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Nemesis!!!!

Look at this picture.  You probably say awww..... how sweet...what a cute little bunny.  However, this little creature is beginning to tick me off.  Jonathan and I have worked hard planting, watering and nurturing our plants.  This sweet little fella decided to chomp on our new plants and leave only a few stems.  NOT HAPPY!!!!   I chose these plants for the bright red color  my friend you are my enemy.  I will protect my plants and promise not to let my garden become your smorgasbord.  I will be seeking ideas from all of my friends and we will win...just know that...we will win!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Rabbit fencing, predatory cats, and dogs can all work. So can planting bad tasting things on the outside edges, although around here, it seems like rabbits like the plants they're not supposed to like. Have you tried predator urine? The only problem is that it may attract the actual predators. Maybe you should just watch "Curse of the Were-rabbit" and accept your fate. Good luck with your bunny trouble!