Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome My Friend Summer!

Well hello....I am just starting this blog and am new to this.  I am a blog "newbie" but think this is something that I will enjoy.  I am a teacher and I am on summer break.  OK all is one of things we live for. If  we didn't have this time to renew and re-charge.....i don't think we could make it through the year.  I have been completing many projects around the house this summer.  These projects are things that have needed to be done but I have procrastinated on doing them. out garage (this is something I especially despise).  I am slowly checking them off one by one.  Things are looking better.  Hopefully after finishing these projects, I will be caught up for another year...until next summer when I start dragging everything out of the garage and wonder where did all of this crap come from!

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